About this blog

A Cordyceps mushroom infested beetle

Hey there, my name is Malte and on this blog I write about ideas and impressions from my life. I mainly started writing to order the information I get during my ten week internship at Ridgedale Farm AB in Sweden but will post anything I find interesting as well as thoughts and ideas I have. Furthermore I want to inform my friends and family about my trip.

I enjoy beeing outdoors, creating and learning about things which are new to me and understanding the world around me to live in sync with it’s rythm. Also, thrice is my favourite word in the english language.

The domain name „Kreislaeufer“ comes from German and literally means „circle runner“ but Kreislaeufe is the German word for closed loop systems. Kreislaeufer could be interpreted as someone who runs in circles or someone who runs a closed loop system.

So I invite you to join me on the journey of becoming a better Kreislaeufer.