Arriving in Sweden

I’m sitting on the flight to Stockholm, Sweden on my way to a ten week intensive internship program at Ridgedale Farm AB. The internship kicks of with a ten day permaculture design course where I hope to deepen my knowledge about natural systems and how to interpret and use them. During the course we will define our holistic context in order to map out which direction we want to go in our life. This will help us order and use the knowledge we gain in the course.

I expect the internship to be very intense with Richard Perkins as the main teacher. He has experience in coaching thousands of farmers and (re)-designing their farms with them. I look forward to gain practical experience in working and living on a farm aswell as gain theoretical knowlegde about the backend and business side of farming. I am excited to share my creative process with others and gain a lot of different perspectives on farming/life.

The plane lands at around 14:30 and I hope on hitchhiking at least one or two hours towards the farm which is about four hours driving distance from the airport, before sundown.

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