Microgreen seeding

We seeded some microgreens today. Microgreens are the baby shoots of plants which are harvested about two weeks after sowing and used as garnishes on dishes for decoration and flavor.
Here at Ridgedale we have sunflower, pea and radish microgreens which are sold to private customers and chefs every week. They are seeded into the same flats which we use for the paper pot transplanter with a layer of compost compacted into the flat.


Thoughts on solving complex problems

With climate change and other complex problems getting more and more important to us humans a lot of ideas are created to finding solutions to these problems. There is a pattern to be observed with technical solutions failing to provide good, long lasting solutions. Often times we apply the same pattern of thought onto solving a complex problem to solving a complicated one. So what are these patterns and what are complex and complicated problems?


Busy farm life

There is a lot going on on the farm as the season progresses and we, the interns, got more settled in. I am on turkey, cow and sheep team, which means we feed and move the turkeys in the morning and then go up into the pasture to move the sheep and cows.
The turkeys are still young little six week old birds but are out in the pasture already where the cows have grazed the land a couple of weeks ago.

Hungry turkeys

Super Soil Science

tilthing the beds to even out lumps

Today we set up a science experiment on the farm. Last week we had prepared six 50 cm x 800 cm beds next to the barn where a pig paddock had been last year. There was some weed which needed clearing and a rancid smell from some pig food which had gone anaerobic and manure.


We made real compost

The market gardens needed some restructuring in order to really get the season going so everyone on the farm was in the gardens for one day doing lot’s of little things that desperately needed doing.
In the morning we removed a lot of greens from the big poly tunnel which has the tomatoes and cucumbers. The greens where taking over and bolting and it was hard for the tomatoes and cucumbers to set foot. Yohanna had called up all of the restaurants to sell what we could but there was a lot left over. We had a meeting right after breakfast in order to efficiently divide everyone up between the tasks that had to get done. Gustav and I where tasked with building a compost from the greens.


Glaskogen nature reserve

Richard organized a trip to Glaskogen nature reserve for the group of interns. We packed up and left the farm right after breakfast on Monday for a two day trip. Packed with lot’s of food and a couple of fishing rods we headed out stopping for gas and at a supermarket along the way.
It was strange to be in a supermarket after two weeks of living on the farm with abundance of great produce all around. Seeing everything packed up and sorted in shelves seemed disconnected in a way. Most of us just bought lot’s of chocolate and off we went.


Forest hike

I went on a hike through the forest with my headphones on and Saku, the farm dog, and the neighbors Labrador following me. After a while of walking right into the forest and still knowing where about the farm was relative to me. Since I had some time before having to be back for dinner I decided to let the dogs lead me and get a little lost. Wherever they went I followed and sometimes they would run off far away playing catch with each other but whenever I called they came right back.
It was a little strange listening to music with my big headphones which block out the surroundings almost completely. Usually when hiking in nature I enjoy the sounds around me but now I just had electronic beats with some chanting intermixed, a new album I hadn’t heard before.