Superfast (I did bring a towel)

Either it is incredibly easy to hitchhike in Sweden or I just got really lucky today, but I arrived at Ridgedale around 20:00 right when Richard, Rob and Gustavo came back from fishing. I had some pretty cool rides and as always only nice people picked me up. The last ride was a Ridgedale neighbor.
Since I am early and everyone arrives tomorrow it is still really relaxed here and I got to chose the best bed!
All ten interns sleep in one room in a big loft in an old barn house.

After joining Rob, Gordon and Gustavo for dinner we had an incredibly relaxing sauna and I got my stuff unpacked. Tomorrow morning I get to help Gordon move the chickens before breakfast and Richard is leaving to get 500 new day-old chicks. Around 14:00 people will start arriving for the ten day permaculture design course and the internship. There will pe ten participants in the PDC and ten interns.